going on a road trip

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going on a road trip

Post  GinjaBug on Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:53 am

leaving for Michigan on this coming thrusday and will be home by Tuesday. i am really excited. i haven't traveled(well not out of state) in a few years. my family said i should and deserve to go, and hopefully everything will go well this week so that i can. i do need the break but as a woman i put everyone elses needs before my own most times. i have only been to mich once, for one day and in the winter...and that was when i went to eagle river wis for my 8th grade ski trip that we spent that day there. it was nice and very different from where i live. where i am going this time is different too. it's like the "Artist's Point" of vacation spots for the outdoorsy. i can't wait...log cabin, boating, swimming, sunning and fish... Cool http://www.visittraversecity.com/

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