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Post  DACE on Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:04 pm

On Ebay..

Madison's Music is proud to introduce Gracey's Vintage Finishes. Gracey's Vintage Finishes offers a full line of nitrocellulose finishes in 16oz. (12oz. fluid) aerosol spray cans. We have designed this product to be used by the first time guitar builder to guitar manufacturers. We have been using and perfecting this product for years. Each color has been researched and specially blended to match the original color used by the guitar manufactures. These spray cans are perfect for vintage restorations and custom built projects! All our products are designed to be easy to use and produce professional results. The contents of each can is pure nitrocellulose and has been specially developed to our specifications from years of experience. Each can has enough material to finish at least 1 guitar comfortably. To ensure professional results we suggest using our "Nitro Sealer" and "Nitro Clear". We also have a wide variety of undercoats as well. All our products are designed to be compatible with each other. Our customer service has always been a number one priority. Please feel free to contact us by email for best finishing techniques and procedures. For first time users a step-by-step tutorial is recommended. We currently offer over 40 colors to choose from and will list them as they become available. To order colors not shown or not listed please email us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Professional finishing and restoration services are also available. We offer nitro finishes starting as low as $165.

Shipping $7.05. USA Ground Only. ($2 additional per can)

Please note color may appear a shade or two different depending on your computer screen. Color are samples sprayed and copied using a digital scanner.

Contact Info.. Email.. Phone.. 419-654-1853.

Gracey's Vintage Finishes is currently looking for dealers. If you are a repair shop or store owner please email us for more info and discount prices..

Gracey's Vintage Finishes is in no way affiliated with ANY other paint manufacturer. All products and materials are specially designed for Gracey's Vintage Finishes. We have no ties and no connections with any other paint company. Thanks..

Other Colors Available

2 Tone Sunburst

3 Tone Sunburst

Antigua Burst


Lake Placid Blue

Mary Kaye


Daphne Blue

Olympic White

Burgundy Mist

Fiesta Red

Dakota Red

Shoreline Gold

Inca Silver

Firemist Silver

Firemist Gold

Ice Blue Mettalic

Charcoal Frost

Ocean Turquoise

Teal Grean

Sonic Blue

Sherwood Green

Foam Green

Surf Green

Shell Pink


Tahiti Coral

Desert Sand

Taos Turquoise

Butterscotch Blonde

Pellham Blue

Cardnal Red

Ember Red

Polaris White

Golden Mist Poly

Silver Mist Poly

Heather Poly

Frost Blue

Kerry Green

Inverness Green

Neck Amber

Cherry Red

T.V. Yellow


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Re: Guitar-parts-tools-websites

Post  globaltrancemission on Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:22 pm

Great for guitar projects....but a question ???????

How can you do a Sunburst in one can ????? Must be more than one can required Smile

I notice that they do not have any of the 'burst colours on E-Bay.

PeterC (Global Trancemission)

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Re: Guitar-parts-tools-websites

Post  DACE on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:00 pm

I have painted SO many in the past..Not really been happy with most of them.
Cleaning the old-paint is best i feel. But then agian i did some SUPER nice spray-can-jobs over the years really.
Just cool to see this product.....AT LAST...Paint for guitars!...I buy 7.00 a can paint when i use it.
I WOULD pay his price to try it out..Prob will soon..Smile Building an IBANEZ up soon....Well 2 of them soon.


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Re: Guitar-parts-tools-websites

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