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Re: Flextone-demo-info

Post  globaltrancemission on Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:20 pm

Nice sound DACE.

Does that amp have an open back? Some people mic those from the back for a different sound on open back cabinets.

You say the Pod is simple to use...I've never tried one but it looks easy.
The Korg is really easy once you know your way around it as nearly everything can be set with knobs like an analogue synth.
You can switch it over to a live mode so that each of the sections (Pre FX, AMP/DRIVE, MODULATION, DELAY and REVERBS) can be switched on and off using the footswitches just as though they were 5 different stompboxes.You can also lock the settings to prevent accidental switching.....so its a great live pedal as well as for studio.

I will be demoing some of its sounds real soon. Smile

PeterC (Global Trancemission)



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Re: Flextone-demo-info

Post  DACE on Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:16 pm

Yes, its openback.

All i did was set the AKG infront of the speaker..Smile sounds pretty good..And thats with no music to cover anything, and no setting sound, So, yes...Pretty easy to Mic i guess.


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Re: Flextone-demo-info

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