AGGRESSOR UK (Nigel Potter)

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AGGRESSOR UK (Nigel Potter)

Post  DACE on Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:17 am
AGGRESSOR UK the bastard child of rock'n roll. Here to shiver ya timbers and help you get to at least third base!! Born in the 1980's out of the ruins of Gunslinger and Merchants Of Sorrow. Like some rock'n roll avanging angel ready to rage against whatever there is to rage against. It's no apology good time heavy rock is designed as a soundtrack to wreck rooms to or destroy worlds by. The mindset is very much "F!"££$ YOU!". It's too loud,it's too raw and it's too p!"£$% of to care and it's out to make friends with those who feel the same way,sticking two fingers up at it's critics. As the song Dying breed says: "We're a dying breed,we play rock'n roll" So if rock'n roll is going out,it's going out on a bang,not a whimper. It's a one last stand against the greyness of mainstream music... The last call to the rebel and the loner and die hard rock'n rollers Don't care,won't care rock'n roll !!

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