Goblins and Galaxies (Album Review) By-DACE

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Goblins and Galaxies (Album Review) By-DACE

Post  DACE on Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:04 pm

STEVE...Smile Hi mate. I have took my time with your Album....Listening in the truck alot.

OK...Many things i find interesting, many that impress me man!
Let me start with the Artwork....Ofcouse it would be great, its what you do.
Cool things is the Album is ALOT like it in many ways.
It has depth, and flow, and many things make it what it is.

The Album I hear as ONE BIG FLOW...As if it could be just one EPIC track!
That like some of the great Albums of the late 70s.
Audio-concept-feel to this man! Really as if ALL is conected as one.
It just flows like that.

I find it SO hard to remember its your first Album because of the way it sounds, feels, flows, ect..Its like you have done many before. I guess its all your years of listening to all kinds of great music you can do this good the first time out.???

Im very impressed Steve. Its not easy to an Album to all go together like this.
And to still have alot of interesting shifts thru-out each track as a whole.
Like I say..Its ONE flow..HARD to get that in an Album mate!

Standout for (me) is (Galactic Drift)..prob because of the time we met??? (first one i heard from you i think)... Has to be because its not the (best) track on the Album..Other tracks are more forward and have more depth..No matter, my fave track. A song by song review would be silly here. This music is tightly connected. VERY cool Steve. VERY!

This is one of those times i WISH my spelling was better. I just dont feel like looking up words. I dont have enuff words to use to explain what im hearing in the music.

Theres alot of things i like about this whole thing..Meeting you, seeing you jump in the music-world, the art, the music, the way it sounds as if you have done tons of music, the BIG conecting FLOW it has, it on AFR, and your a great friend to me. Alot to offer to me..Things that make me Happy Steve.....SO...For ME, its more than just an Album. Im proud of IT, and YOU, and US.
Thats pretty neat mate!

Overjoyed about it Steve...Smile
And i think its SUPER!

Anyway...AWESOME MY MAN! Awesome!
Many more.


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Re: Goblins and Galaxies (Album Review) By-DACE

Post  Star4mation on Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:29 pm

Thanks Dace, i really apreaciate you taking the time to listen and write your thoughts of Goblins and Galaxies in an excellent review.
The album would never have happened without support and encouragement from you, Nigel, Z, and some surprising comments from people I didn't even know (good friends now, Ed, Rick, Jim, Zest, ftlpope) at Mixposure! And not forgetting Peter ,GinNger, Paul and many others.
I sure learned a lot from you guys, Thanks Smile


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