Time adjustment with change

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Time adjustment with change

Post  DACE on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:24 am

I know you all know and love my Instermental-music of the past.
I know you are adjusting to me singing on my music.
Understand that there still instermentals, i just add some vocals or a mantra to them.

Im try'n to leave some instermental areas in them for you.
You my not understand my Vocal style either.
Im try'n to use voice, as i do guitar. I hold notes, repete the phrases alot.
So, in my mind im really not "singing". Kinda voice-keyboards??
Speaking of Keys, been try to get some for a year, and i wiil.
Every time i find i set in my price-range, im broke.lolol...telling me something?? maybe.
I DO need to get keys back in my sound and bass guitar.
Lost my bass, but building one.

Ed spoke of playing or doing music that ones FANS like to hear, or want from them. I MUST move forward and add things to my music. You should be, BY NOW, be getting used to my vocals in my sound.

Im giving you that time, and moving forward.
I FEEL my vocal style is WAY more interesting than my guitar style. Guitar is hard to make sound different. But mine do sound different. I lucky in some way, not in others.

I just feel im doing my vocals the right way for my music.

Anyway...you will learn to love my vocals in time. I just know you will. it takes time to get with changes in peoples music.

I lost alot of listeners over this. And thats what i want to know. who REALLY likes my music for it being MY music. As i do with those i like. I want to hear the PERSON! THERE sound, weather it changes or not.


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Re: Time adjustment with change

Post  z on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:33 am

Actually I think your vocals are damn good.
Ever since you blew me away with them in Haunted Souls.
Those were less "mantra" but still really well done.

I'd much rather listen to you sing, than me.... Shocked

I just don't really like some of my vocal work.
But I'm trying to push myself to do harder things.
Not always as successful as I would like.

Probably going to change it up on the next album.
Gotta constantly re-invent myself.

As you do.

Are you sure you lost listeners when you added vocals?
I think they add a personal touch and an emotional impact.


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Re: Time adjustment with change

Post  DACE on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:50 am

Thanks so much Z..Smile
Im starting to get vocal-comments now. I feels good.
I know my vocals are strange sounding..thats how im doing them. it NOT easy.

NO BRO! your vocals are awesome! because they sound like no others! Im try'n to take from that from you with mine bro! Your vocals are perfect in your music. they have become so much apart of your sound. Your singing in key and relaxed.

You and Nigel are the ones that stood by me try'n vocals..i have been fighting with them for years really. And its because i was try'n to sing like others do. Since FLOWS, well really MFS, i sing MY WAY...i had to FIND my way first. Im dramatic, vocaly..It go's with my music.

Thanks for all the support and inspiration with vocals bro. Yor a great vocalist because you have you OWN VOICE! im learning from you as you are from me with guitar stuff.

NO NO...you sing GREAT! and your a GREAT guitarist!!!!!!!!! Im learning from your guitar now also..Smile How cool... Cool Cool



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Re: Time adjustment with change

Post  globaltrancemission on Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:41 pm

I like hearing you do vocals DACE....your voice is improving as you make new tracks.

It also adds that uniqueness to your tracks.......makes them more personal.

It's the same with Z............his vocal tracks are very much his trademark.

You will always find people who find it hard to accept change....but change is inevitable....without it we become stagnant.

PeterC (Global Trancemission)



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Re: Time adjustment with change

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