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Post  globaltrancemission on Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:55 am

Wishbone Ash are one of my all time favourite bands and have been a massive influence on me. Their superb blend of guitars and essential riffs are completely timeless and they still sound as great as ever.
I learned much of my own guitar style from listening to Wishbone Ash....the way they developed riffs...the tone of the guitars ...quite clean but with an edge and great use of reverbs and echo .....and most importantly how to put expression and feeling into what you are playing much like the blues players of old.

Here are 3 tracks .....so hard to choose from so many classics.

Lady Jay from 1972....based on an old folk song this is a not so well known track.

Persephone from 1972.....one of the best songs again on the softer side but in their unique style.

Phoenix.....a true rocker originally from 1970 but this is a much later live version from this decade which is an excellent performance.

WA were the pioneers of the twin guitar harmony sound long before Lynrd Skynrd and Thin Lizzy. many people believe that Phoenix was the inspiration for Skynrd's famous Freebird track.